Thank you Lord for my life

Thank you for the beautiful day

Thank you for my today’s journey of life

Thank you for my achievements

Thank you for the strength and stamina you gave me to overcome challenges.

You make the sun rise and set on a daily basis without getting tired

You cover the sun with clouds to shield us from the heat

You cool the world with rain and wind

You make crops and animals grow for benefit of mankind

Everything starts with you and ends with you

Lord you have recalled some people today

At the same you have posted new people to the world

The number of people on earth is under your control

You have done all this in accordance to your plan

Lord your plan for me is beyond my understanding

Lord I thank you for including me in your plan

Lord keep me close to you so that I do not get lost

Lord protect me throughout the night

Keep my enemies away from me.

Lord wake me up in the new day to praise and glorify you

Lord the power and glory are yours forever and ever. Amen



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