Thank you Lord for today

The day has been successful

I have achieved a lot during the day

I have come closer to you

I have also come closer to my mission

Lord bless my mission of leaving this world better than I found it

Thank you for your guidance throughout the day

Thank you for your blessings

Thank you for my achievements

Thank you for my challenges

I have learnt a lot from both my achievements and challenges

I have been energized by both every time I felt like giving up

Thank you for the people you have allowed me to interact with

Thank you for my family and friends

Thank you for walking with me throughout the day

I have on many times forgotten you but you have not

I have failed to praise and glorify you at every opportunity

I have failed to make your name known at all time

Lord I beg for mercy and forgiveness

Lord wash my soul clean of sins as I go to rest

I pray for your unconditional love to continue flowing to me

Lord I pray for your protection throughout the night

Lord I pray for a peaceful rest at night

Lord protect all me and the rest of mankind

Keep death and other enemies of the night away from me

Lord give me your instructions through the dreams

Lord I thank and praise for you for what you have done for me






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