Early in the morning when you wake up thank the creator for the beautiful night and make positive affirmations instead of cursing, complaining, condemning and other negative comments or practices. The first statements you make early in the morning are so powerful that they can either turn into a blessing or a curse for that day.The blessed day will only come through positive affirmations as follows.

  • Today is going to be a great and blessed day
  • My body is healthy and my mind is brilliant
  • All is going to be well for today;
  • I believe I will be successful in life
  • I will turn my challenges into opportunities
  • I commit to do my best
  • I will apply positive approach to the challenges of the day
  • I will work hard towards prosperity
  • I will walk majestically towards the world of success.
  • Oh Lord give me the wisdom to achieve the purpose for which I was created.











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