Traffic disruptions

 I am sorry I have to be the one to tell you. It would have been better coming from one of your close friends but since they have not done it, I guess it falls on me.  I wonder whether you have already defined your mission and the road to lead you to your mission. As you have noted on a number of occasions there are many disruptions that are keeping you from majestically walking on the road to reach your mission. Many of the disruptions have wasted your time and there is no way you will ever recover it. I guess you do not want to waste more time.  The disruptions are many and they often come in a disguised way as work. The key disruptions include the following;

Wasted time on social media.

I know you are social media lover and you spend a bit of time on updating yourself with things which tend not to add value. There is plenty of information on the social media which can engage all the time if you do not put a stop to it.  But how much do you earn through your social media accounts?  I guess many of us earn nothing! We do not use the social media to buy or sale anything for profit. You are busy with updates that make no difference in your life. The social media are just robbing your time without any return.  Time is the only assets God has given you to innovatively and creatively use for your success. Do not blame the social media but yourself for wasting time. Research indicates that an average user spends 3+ hours on social networking each day.



You think you’re working Hard. But You Aren’t.

I’m really proud of you for putting in your 8-15 hours a day! I really I am. The problem is that breaks, interruptions, phone calls, long lunches, sickness, burials, newspapers, emails and friends among others. These distractions are actually eating away a huge chunk of your day time far more than you even realize. Do not forget on average you sleep a third of the time and this leaves with 16 hours to use. Have you ever used IT software known as Rescue Time to measure how productive your day actually is? This software program measures the amount of time you spend in each software program throughout your day since many of us spend too much on computers.  It is easy to think you’re working hard, but if you actually track how and where you’re spending your time online, you may be surprised at what gets revealed. Do you keep daily time sheet to record time and activity in case you are not a fun of computers?


Time after 5 pm is also wasted

After time 5pm massive time wasting starts as you assume no one is watching you. But remember always to do the right things even if no one is watching you. Time is wasted watching football, enjoying entertainments, unnecessary meetings, funerals, prayers to pass time, TV programs, passing away time at clubs among others.  On Sunday you oversleep to cover up of the time you wasted since you have given impression of a hard working person.

Is there something value adding you can do after 5 pm?  Yes you can engage in some business or community activity all aimed at leaving world better than you found. What do you want to be remembered for? Someone who improved the world or someone who wasted time of everyone.

Do you know after 5pm is a perfect time for dreaming? Do you know that you can only succeed when you implement your own dream? Why are you busy nursing other people’s dreams then? I am sure you are scared to start off for fear of failure. Why are you busy working for someone who has failed so many times then? You are happy working for people who do not mind failing in life when you are scared of failing!


You Aren’t Efficient.

Okay, so you’re telling me you do track your time through Rescue Time and daily time sheets and it appears you’re working harder than I originally thought. Your time tracking software  or time sheets seem to indicate that you’re making good use of your time, and not letting distractions make too much of a dent in your workday. Well done!

But – and I hate to tell you this – you could do much better if you think outside the box. Yes, you’re working hard, but there are ways your hard work can be more productive. Some of the processes you are using are outdated. These processes could have been the best at the time but not now. It is not only hard work but also working smart.

I can see you doing the following;

Buying hard copy newspapers when you can access the news on line

Making phone calls when there are free teleconference facilities with skype

Using stationary for internal use when everyone in office has a computer and internet

Employing people when you can outsource


Stop wasting time and start working


 It is not too late. It does not matter when you start but how you finish. You are welcome to join a club of successful people. True successful people work hard, and don’t give up until they succeed. They keep working, they keep trying, they keep banging their heads against the wall until they make break through. You will succeed in life if you can do this.

 Face challenges and identifying opportunities.

I get it. It feels way better not to stick your neck out and do business or activity that may cause to fail at. Playing it safe is warm, cozy and comfortable.

But there are no rewards for risk averse people. You cannot find business opportunities where there no risks. Remember you are working for someone who is taking risk while you are playing safe at peanut pay.

To succeed in life you have to take a decision to start your journey to success. Yes you can walk to the world of success if you made your mind today.

Share your blessings in order to succeed

Most People in the world fail because they do not want to share their blessings with others. I guess you are hooding your blessing to carry with you to the grave!  Can imagine what answer you give to your Creator about how well you used your blessing.  I do not want to be there because you will sweat plasma. One thing is common with all successful people, they all share their blessings.


Charles Kyaterekera




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