Marketing is a deliberate communication between the organisation and the current and potential customers with the aim of selling its products and services that have been specifically produced to satisfy their needs. Marketing helps in building long term profitable customer relationships. Marketing can also be looked as the process of discovering, creating, arousing and satisfying customer needs through the execution of the 7 Ps of marketing mix. These are tools used by businesses to help in determining a product offering. The 7 P’s include the following;

  • Product should meet the demand
  • Place should be where potential consumers will find it
  • Price should be representing good value for money
  • Promotion right tools to communicate message appealing to potential consumers emotions
  • People of right calibre should be in place to communicate the message
  • Processes for delivery goods to the consumers should be in place
  • Physical Evidence for product or services is necessary

Customers are the lifeblood of your business and therefore the need to learn how to attract and retain them. The marketing for success program outline will include the following among others;

  • Background information
  • Turning idea into product or service
  • Evaluating the product offering
  • Determining unsatisfied existing demand
  • Creating demand for a product of service
  • The impact of the human element
  • Challenges faced when communicating with customers
  • Dealing with competition
  • Practical tips

The above program will be delivered by a team of experienced marketing professionals and business executives. For further information on the above program, please feel free to contact us