About a year ago an idea of bee farming to produce honey for commercial purposes came to my mind. I have a small mixed farm with a forest of eucalyptus, palm and other local indigenous flowering trees. I also grow various crops including bananas, maize, cassava, coffee, rice, papaws, guava and various greens for both domestic and commercial purposes. A small river runs across farm from north to south from which we draw water for irrigation. I have taken the above environment to be ideal for commercial bee farming.


My immediate neighbours grow coffee, sweet potatoes, maize, tomatoes, cassava and other various crops.  The area around my farm is mainly occupied by small scale farmers growing generally same type of crops as I am growing.

I have done some inquiries about bee farming in surrounding areas and I have established that no one is doing commercial bee farming within a radius of three kilometres from my farm.


I have faced a number of challenges in my journey in bee farming and the following are the key ones;

  • Information about bees and bee farming in Uganda is difficult to come across. I have no idea which bees are best suited for honey production. I am in the process of catching bees from anywhere to introduce in my bee hives. I may be bringing killer bees to my farm.
  • There are very few people with technical knowledge on and bee farming.
  • The Uganda Bee keepers Association is not quite active and I have tried to contact them but in vain. The Chairman’s phone is never on!
  • I have tried to get local bee hives but in vain. I looking for people with knowledge of making improved bee hives.
  • I have not come across government extension services officers to help me with advice in bee farming. I have kept looking for expert advice. I am wondering if there is a government policy on bee farming.

By sheer luck about four months ago when I driving to my farm I met a gentleman who trapping bees to introduced in bee hives. I have struck a deal with him to trap bees for me. On his advice I have acquired some 20 Catcher Bee Hives to use in trapping of bees for transferring to the bee hives. I am not so sure whether what doing is correct.

I will be please to link up with people with knowledge in bee farming. My contacts are as follows;

John.muhaise@bigdrumassociates .com

+256 78 7564567 .




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