Dear Master of the Universe

After today’s hectic day

I look behind and say thank you Lord

Yesterday, you made me sleep like a baby

You took charge of my life

While asleep, heaven opened and rain started pouring

I was not consensus when the rain started

I was awakened by noise from thunderstorms

The noise from thunderstorms   created fear in me.

You came to my rescue and drove away fear.

You woke me up to enjoy the rain

That means my life was in your hand

You still remained in control

Let your name be praised by all races of mankind.

You woke me up and blessed my journey for today

All the obstacles for the day I was able to deal with

What appeared impossible became possible.

Dear Master of the Universe

I praise you and glorify you for being a friend throughout the day

Dear Master I am ready now for you to be in control so that your servant can rest.

Thank you for the wonderful day and I pray you stay in control till you wake me up in accordance to your will.


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