You are on a journey to your world of success through the highway you designed to take you there. Your world of success is what you have clearly painted in your mind. It is specific to you and it is not a matter of copy and paste. The highway to your world of success is bound to have many challenges which may make you fail many times in life. Never worry about the number of times you fail provided you learn from your failures and keep moving forward. You should never give up as challenges are the gateway to your world of success. Challenges create opportunities for you to exploit. After all the world would be very boring and uneventful if it did not have any challenges. Challenges energize you to work harder to achieve success.

 Do not give up after a few attempts

To succeed in life you have to make many attempts in order to end up with success scores.  The chance of success increases with the number of times you try to score without giving up. You should try to score success so many times until you finally make it.  It is the number of times of trying that produces a successful person.


You do not have to know the full details of the journey before you embark on your journey to success.  You have to start moving provided   you know the right direction. What matters is the first step towards your world of success. It is difficult to start your journey to success because you leave behind your friends, relatives and neighbours.  The journey to success is lonely with a lot of challenges and that is why so many people opt out.



Many times the opportunities knock on your door

You have to listen very carefully for a knock of opportunities on your door. Are you ready for the opportunties to knock on your door?  If you do not please fix a door in house for opportunity to knock on. You can only hear the knock on the door if you have a door. Many times you are not ready to walk to your world of success because of being overwhelmed with discouragement  from your colleagues , relatives and onlookers.   Many times a voice tells you that you are not ready to move.  When you hear this voice , it is time to  start your journey.


There is no easy success

You have to work very hard in order to achieve the sweet success. You have to run the fastest to be the winner  in your race. You will come face to face with failure but never give up  and keep moving forward. You will not have enough resources but keep moving forward. As the saying goes the nearer the bone the sweeter the meat but it is difficult to enjoy the meat from  the bone unless you have sharp teeth. You have to sharpen yourself to face challenges  before you embark on the journey.


Do not give a laugh to the prophets of doom

There are many people waiting along the highway to laugh at you when you fail. They spend their time criticising you instead of embarking on their journeys to success. They burst into laughter whenever you fail in life. They cannot start their own journey as they fear to fail. Obviously you cannot succeed in life unless you make so many attempts at success.  Just aim at success to deny people a chance to laugh at you.


You cannot succeed in the comfort of your bed

It is tempting to remain in bed relaxing and resting. You will have a chance to rest when your creator calls you to himself. For now wake and dress up to work hard for success as you cannot succeed from the comfort of your bed. Success is a reward for the discomfort you go through on your way to success. This makes sense as you cannot be rewarded for pain which you did not go through. In life you can only face the challenges when you are on journey to success.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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