Lord I thank you for tolerating me in my ways

I have designed and walked on my own paths ,my paths are not in line with your plan for me

I have pursued my own mission of self destruction

I have walked my ways without your guidance and protection

I have found myself lost in the wilderness

I have be confronted with too many life challenges

They are too many for me to handle

Lord I am gripped with fear

Fear has imprisoned me and I no longer have the freedom

I humbly come to you begging for mercy

My rebellion has taken me nowhere

On my own I cannot succeed in life

Lord I come to you

To teach me your paths which I can now follow

Protect me as I walk on your paths

Guide and advice me as I use your paths

I need your advice, guidance and protection

Without you I am stuck and no one else can rescue me

Come pull me out of self created mess

Lord I am now ready and prepared to praise and glorify you

Your name is holy and powerful

Lord clean me so that I can walk on your paths

With your protection I will walk on your paths until you recall. Amen





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