Formal education is a powerful tool as it helps us to fight the challenges of ignorance, disease and poverty we all meet during our journey of life.  Formal education gives us the knowledge which we require to succeed in life.  Through formal education we can network  with anyone in the world, we are introduced to the concept of hard work, we come to realise that the world is a global village and we are able to search for and access any information we require.  But at the same time formal education introduces fear of failure in our mind. Failure in life is taken by many as a sign of incompetence and not an indication of things we do not know. Failure by many is taken as dead end and not as necessary process someone has to go through in order to succeed in life. We learn a lot through our failures.

What is missing in our formal education systems?

In order for the education system to be more useful to us, it must incorporate subjects which provides us with information which we use to successed. Having for a example a degree in engineering is extremely good but the degree itself will not make you succeed in life.  Our formal education must equip us with necessary knowledge for succeeding in life.   Certain subjects like financial literacy, mindset, presentation skills ,negotiation skills, role models and coaches and cultivating the desire for knowledge through reading  among others should be made  compulsory in all courses in our institutions of learning.


Purpose of your existence

To succeed in life we have to establish in our reasons we were created. Are the passing crowds? Are we like butterflies?  How are we different from other animals?  We were created to use the resources around us in a sustainable manner in order to succeed in life. We are expected to leave this world better than we found it. We are therefore expected to clearly paint both in our mind and possibly also on a piece of paper the purpose of our existence. We are also expected to design and implement a road map to help us achieve the purpose of our existence.


Barriers to success

We have to be told at at an earlier age that life has a lot challenge which can be overcome provided we make our mind to overcome them. You will achieve anything in life provided you put in mind to achieve it.   We should be told that most the challenges and fears we create them ourselves in our mind and they become realities.


Weapon to overcome challenges

There is only one weapon you can use to overcome life challenges in order to succeed in life. You have to program your mind in a positive mode for success.  You will certainly fail in life if your mind is programmed in a negative mind.

A positive mode makes you have a positive approach to life. Your aim is to succeed in life despite the many challenges.

What do you require to succeed in life?

You should graduate from institutions of learning with two items namely  a documentary proof that you have  successfully completed  your formal education program and symbolic key to success  for having been introduced to the following formula for success;




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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