It is important not to hurry through life in order to complete your journey. You need to move step by step in order to capture the many lessons of life which are a   result of handling of handling many life challenges. Do not miss out any step and do not get tired of waiting.

Patience is about good attitude


Success requires a patient person who has a positive attitude towards life.  Patient requires for someone to have a goof attitude in every situation whether good or bad.

You have to be patience with life

Success will come in accordance with the plan laid by the Master of Destiny.  The time for waiting can be anything from one day to form few days to a number of days. Master of destiny never forgets anyone.  Your time is soon coming but you have to be patience.


Pateint wait for your turn

The  Master of Destiny rewards all those who are parient and waiting for their turn.  The Master of destiny has made clear that there  is time for everything . There is therfore  time to be patient waiting to reap the benfits of sweat. It is a question of time your turn will arrive.


There is time for everything

There is time for planting crops and time for harvesting when the crops are ready.  There is time for end of the year and there is time for beginning of the year.  There is time for rainfall and there time for dry season. Everything comes at the right moment as planned by nature for our benefit.  You cannot force things to happen and you therefore have to be patient.


Be patient with yourself

In life you have to be patient with your family, relatives, friends and community.  Your good attitude or positive attitude is required at all times.


Be patient as life is difficult

Life is a best teacher someone can have as it provides all the difficult challenges of life. The difficult challenges offer opportunities which opportunities enable you to achieve your goals




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Executive Director

Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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