Father Almighty I come into your Holy presence to adore you and glorify your name

My Father, give me a sense of nearness to thee when I may be faltering from weariness in well doing. May I hold to my determinations and be focused to my plans

Help me to discern good from bad, right from wrong

May I know and see what is useful

May I be focused to the right direction and strategy

Let me not give unnecessary energy to what is worthless

Guide me Lord to know what is worthwhile, that I may acquire strength through the power of truth.

Give me strength and determination to stand firm in my endeavors

Give me the courage Lord to move on

Light and clear my path and walk along with me on my journey of life

Use me to do your will, make me a living testimony

Fulfill all my hearts’ desires according to your glorious riches in heaven

As I am going to rest tonight Lord take full control of my life.

Wake me with strength and wisdom to continue with the new day. Amen.


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