A scientist walks up to God one day and said:

“God! Do you know that all the things you created,
we humans can also do it?”
God smiled and answered
He said “yes. For example, I can create a human being like me right now”
God just smiled again and said “please show me”
So the scientist bends down to fetch clay to start molding man.
God quickly said
“Hey! That’s my clay, why don’t you make yours” –source Mouthpiece jokes.

Moral of the story

You need The Master of Universe in everything you do.
Everything you have today is given to you by The Master of the Universe.

He created all things around you to use them for your benefit and that of the society and for his Glory.
He gives you sustainable wisdom, riches and wealth provided you say Thank you Lord.
Thank you Lord is a Master Key to His private room of wisdom, riches and abundant success.
Today find time to say

Thank you God for creating me and for your abundant love for me and for making me a trustee of the resources around me. Master of the Universe I pray for the wisdom to use the resources around me for your Glory.

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