A website is a centrally managed group of webpages accessible through the internet. The first webpage of a website  is a homepage which provides  a navigation menu to the contents of the website.

From the homepage one can go to any webpage of the website to search for information.  In summary a website is a communication media that facilitates interaction between the organization and the external world.

Uses of websites
A number of organizations  are using websites to inform the public about their activities and the kind of goods or service they offer on the market. They are using their websites to generate business for the organization.  The  websites enable the organizations to promote their  goods and services at a cheaper cost when compared to other available advertising media.  The organizations  use the websites to link up with the customers. At the same , the organizations   demonstrate their creativity ability through the website design. They are using the visual impact of the website to attract customers. The websites therefore  have so many uses depending on the kind of website. There are quite many kinds of websites but the following is a high  level summary of kinds of websites in existence;

  • Business
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Government
  • Search engines
  • Employment
  • Entertainment
  • Personal
  • Health

Visitors to the website
Visitors come to your  website for a number of reasons including the following;

  • To search for information.
  • To complete an activity like ordering for goods
  • To give comments
  • To ask for further  clarification
  • Comparison shopping

The website should be designed with the main aim of attracting visitors and providing them with the information they require.  It is a means of communication with the target group. It is important that  the owner of the website understands the  target group and their information requirements. The website  must offer valuable information to the visitors if has  to serve its purpose of generating business for the organization.

Things which annoy visitors
There are a number of  things that  annoy visitors to the website which the owner of the website must try to avoid. These include  the following ;

  • Poorly designed navigation menu
  • Overcrowded home page
  • Dull websites
  • Slow load times
  • Slow accessibility of information
  • Lack of key information
  • Too many advertisements
  • Lack of comments and inquiry link

The above brief comments are intended to  highlight the importance of the  website as an effective and cheaper method of linking the organization with the customers and the general public as opposed to the tradition methods we have been accustomed to.

In conclusion, the website must  be properly  maintained and kept up to date  if the organization has to fully  enjoy its benefits.