“If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”  Michael Jordan

Risk management is about identification, assessment and prioritization of risks in order to develop and implement a risk mitigation strategy. It is a process which provides assurance that the risks the organization is exposed to will be properly managed to enable the organization meet its goals and objectives. Risk management is part and parcel of business processes. Risks create opportunities for you to exploit for the success of your business. The ability to identify opportunities is what makes one succeed or fail in business.

It is also important to note that you cannot manage risks to zero level otherwise there will be no opportunities to exploit for better returns. A risk free environment if at all it exists gives little return on the investment.  Part of the return on investment is a reward for risks taken in making an investment in a give environment.

The implementation of the risk management model or policy will ensure proper management of risks your organization is exposed to. The model will also enable your organization to promptly identify opportunities to capitalize on.   We have developed a program of risk management for success to equip you with the knowledge and skill of risk management for the success of your business.  The program includes the following areas;

  • Introduction to uncertainties
  • Risk management process
  • Identification of growth opportunities
  • Risk management policy and strategy
  • Leadership direction and challenges
  • Organizational risk management approaches
  • How to become a successful risk taker
  • Information technology impact on risk management

In today’s unstable global markets, business  leaders are  continually  looking out for innovative and effective risk management methods.  We therefore have an experienced team of facilitators with a lot of practical experience in risk and opportunity management for success  to walk with you in the unstable business environment.  The team has practical ideas to share with you. In the program there  a number of practical examples and best practices which you will find very useful. For further information on the above and other  programs , please feel free to contact us