A lady’s bag serves as a constant companion where she goes. She refers to it for information or support at all times. She will keep herself busy using the contents of her bag when bored or waiting for someone.   A lady’s bag is statement describing the class the lady belongs to. It is a top secret held through generations with understanding that no man should have access to .

Make up


Make up remover




Sweets and chocolates



There are many items in the ladies bag and the list includes  all of the following among other things;

  • Changing outfit especially on Fridays
  • Changing outfit in case of any unexpected events
  • Survival kits  ( superglue , needle , thread , buttons, sanitary towels  etc)
  • Razor blade or small scissors
  • A mirror
  • Combs
  •  hankies
  • Deodorants
  • Scarf
  • Body lotions
  • Multi mobile phone chargers
  • Extra set of jewelleries
  • Wallet in case money comes
  • Sun glasses
  • A pair of  flat sandals
  • Phones with different number for different people
  • A  lady’s bag is a statement of status
  • Some tissues


A lady and her bag are inseparable as it ranks high in her of priorities.




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