Agriculture is the major contributor to the economic growth, poverty reduction, food security and export. It is a leader in the  improvement of people’s livelihoods and the socioeconomic transformation of the region.  It is the largest sector in the region and it employees a lot of labour and makes a significant contribution to the GDP. It is a major provider of raw materials for the industry. The sector covers food crops, bee keeping  and forestry and all the infrastructure supporting agriculture. The key challenges include low level of application of modern methods of agriculture and reliance on rainfall .There is also little value addition on agriculture output which takes place at farm level in order  for the farmers to get a fair price for their  farm produce.

Our agricultural team renders services in the following areas;

  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Investment planning and financing
  • Infrastructure development
  • Capacity building
  • Value addition
  • Export promotion
  • Modern methods of crop farming
  • Best practices information for benchmarking
  • Land for agriculture
  • Application of fertilizers
  • Disease control
  • Integrated farming