The financial sector is rapidly  growing due to the number of different regional and global financial institutions that are operating in the region and the demand for the services.  The number of financial institutions operating in the region however varies from country to country. The micro finance sub-sector is the fastest growing and mobilizes substantial savings for investment. The average penetration rate is still low as most of the rural areas are still unbanked.

The banking sub sector is still offering traditional banking products including deposits, overdrafts, short-term credit, export finance and foreign currency exchange. The banks have tended to avoid the risks associated with long-term debt financing which has led to low productivity in  sectors which require long-term financing.

We render financial services in the following areas:

  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Compliance with the regulatory framework
  • Financial Service awareness and  penetration of the  unbanked sector
  • Human capital Capacity development
  • Risk management
  • Best practices information for benchmarking
  • Top and bottom improvement strategies
  • Capital management