The health sector  focuses on the attainment of high  standard of health  services  for people through promotion of a healthy productive life and reductions in mortality and morbidity from the major causes of ill health and premature death. The sector includes key players in the provision of quality health services and the promotion of healthy population. There are challenges of infrastructure support for the delivery of health services. The infrastructure support includes hospitals, research centres, and diagnostic centres among others. The sector has also challenges of manpower. A lot of foreign exchange is spent by the region  on people traveling abroad to seek for better medical care.The health sector has plenty of opportunities for investment both in terms of infrastructure and capacity building.

Our experienced health sector team has the capability to render services in the following areas;

  • Medical regulatory environment
  • Medical sector plans formulation and implementation
  • Investment Planning and financing
  • Current state assessments
  • Monitoring and evaluation of service delivery
  • Medical policy formulation
  • Physical structure planning
  • Adoption of modern practices
  • Best practice information for benchmarking