Investment Climate

Positive steps have been taken by the countries in the region to create conducive environment for attraction of investments.  The countries  have stable economies and all have  been liberalized at  varying degrees. The East Africa market has a population in  excess of 133 million people and the players in the region have access to the COMESA market of 390 million people. The region has a lot of raw materials from agriculture and animal resources and fisheries sectors to support the growing manufacturing sector. There are plenty of natural resources in the form of minerals , wildlife  and energy. The tourism sector requires a lot of infrastructure support for it to be vibrant. There is plenty of cheap trainable labor. The governments in the region have created  investment friendly environment which guarantees security of investment. The governments have started working together to promote the region as one investment destination.

Our investment promotion experts render services in  the following areas;

  • Formulation of regulatory framework
  • Policy formulation and implementation
  • Investment planning  and financing
  • Current state assessments
  • Investment facilitation and promotion
  • Improvement of the investment climate
  • Investment advisory
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Capital management and fund raising
  • Best practice information for benchmarking