Real Estate

The real estate sector is one of the safest fields of investment in the region and has continued to grow over the last 10 years and the growth is expected to continue for some time. The real estate growth has been in areas of residential homes, shopping malls and office blocks. A number of hotel are also coming up. The growth in the sector is mainly driven by both  growth in  the population and the economies of the region. The major challenges relate to  inadequate funding and the  high cost of capital to the sector.

Our real estate experts offer services in the following areas;

  • Formulation of regulatory framework
  • Real estate sector policy formulation and implementation
  • Investment planning  and financing
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Current state assessments
  • Project planning and management
  • Investment advisory
  • Project management
  • Property management
  • Feasibility studies and business plans
  • Infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Best practice information for benchmarking