Thank you Lord I am still young and strong to look for you.

I need to find you to say thank you for great things you have done for me

There are so many blessings I have taken for granted

I pray for great mercy on me for I am lost

I can only see darkness ahead of me.

I have legs yet I can’t walk to your house of worship to say sorry

Lord give me strength and determination to come to you to praise you, glorify you and thank you.

I have ears which are not helping me to hear your daily communication to me.  Lord open them for me.

I have a mouth which I have kept shut and not used to tell other people how wonderful you are to me and the rest of mankind. Lord open my mouth so that I can talk about you.

I have a voice which I have not used to sing your praises.  Lord let my voice be added to the voices of the choir of Angels and saints who  unceasingly sing your praise

I have hands which I have not used to spread your abundant love for mankind. Lord use my hands for your glory.

I have a sense of smell which has not helped me  to appreciate the beautiful scent from your creations. Lord make me smell your presence wherever you are so that I can walk to you


Lord shower me with your wisdom so that I can seek and find you to praise and glorify you.


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