Human Assets

Management of a  number of organizations put little emphasis on the most important asset of the organization- the human capital. They forget that the  ability of the organization to succeed very much depends on its human capital. The human capital links the organization with the customers and other key stakeholders. The employees  are the ambassadors of the organization and therefore issues relating to their ability to play the ambassadorial  role have to be carefully and promptly  dealt with. Human capital management therefore refers or relates to the process which enhances the ability of human to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. It is the process that assesses the strengths and weakness of the human resources of the organization with the aim of developing strategies to enhance their capability to deliver high quality services. The investment in human capital by most organizations is too high for it not to produce a reasonable return on investment. The key processes  to enhance the performance of human capital include the following following;

  • The recruitment process
  • The engagement process for human capital
  • The capacity building process
  • The human capital assessment processes
  • Remuneration process
  • The disengagement process of the company and
  • Talent management

Our human capital specialists team with vast experience in advising clients on implementation of  strategies  aimed at  enhancing the performance of human capital are available to advise you.

Employee Recruitment and Vetting

Organizations are making costly investment decisions in the recruitment of new   people quite often without adequate information on the background of the people they wish to engage. The recruitment process has been made more complicated by a big number of people looking for jobs armed with  professionally prepared CVs. Shorting listing candidates on the basis of CVs is no longer good enough as a sole tool for getting a final short list of candidates for interview. There is a need to vet the candidates before they attend the interviews as this saves on the time of the busy executives. Human Capital risks are also known to derail the execution of an organization’s strategic and operational objectives. The investment in employee vetting is becoming more important as the success or failure of an organization depends so much on the quality of the human resources in the organization. The traditional interview process of relying on the CV, face to face interview and written recommendations cannot give unbiased information on the background of the candidates. There are experienced professionals in the field to coach candidates how to pass interviews and  to prepare outstanding CVs!

Vetting is the process of performing a background check on a candidate before offering them employment. We have experienced team to help you in the interview process and including vetting of candidates. Our employee recruitment and vetting services include the following among others;

  • Preparing recruitment advertisement
  • Receiving applications
  • Shorting listing applications
  • Advising the client in the recruitment and engagement processes
  • CV checks
  • Education history checks
  • Employment history checks
  • Background checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Character highlights
  • checking of credit references,