A website effectively links an organisation to the mass market

A website is a collection of web pages or soft documents about an organisation that can be accessed through the internet. A website therefore links an organisation to the outside world. It contains information about an organization including its service offering and future plans.

The internet has developed mass market potential that can be reached at a high speed. A well designed and maintained website gives an organisation more visibility on the market through the internet.  A website can therefore be used to attracts, serve and retain customers at affordable costs.

A website requires regular update and maintenance for it to be effective in achieving its objectives. A well maintained website keeps an organisation continuously linked with the outside world through the internet.

With the advent of the internet potential customers are interested in acquiring information about your organization and its products and services offering before initiating any business conversations.  Therefore a website makes it easy for an organisation to provide information to potential customers. A good website will therefore enhance the chances of potential customers doing business with your organization.

Website team

We have a multi-disciplinary team with expertise ranging from website design to deployment. The team has the capacity to develop websites using various platforms including wordpress, drupal, and joomla.

Service offering

The services we offer under the service line include the following among others;

Our business strategy

Our business strategy is to walk along with you while providing you with innovative and value adding ideas from start to the achievement of your goals.

Our approach to website development

Our approach to website design and development takes into account industry standard practices and our own tried and tested processes. The aim of our approach is to ensure our clients achieve their short and long term business objectives. Our approach includes the following phases;

  1. Current state assessment
  2. Visual design & technical specification
  3. Develop & testing
  4. Launch
  5. Host, secure and maintain