Your organisation is faced with ever increasing challenges in areas of processes, technology, people and the environment affecting its operations.  Your organisation will not achieve its goals unless the challenges are promptly resolved.  There is also a challenge of getting a level of assurance from your internal audit staff that your organisation has effective internal controls and safeguards in place. There is therefore a need for you to get an independent party to give you the assurance that your organisation has  adequate controls and safeguards in place. You may also need an expert to walk a long with you   while giving right advice in the area of risk management and governance processes.

The benefits of a competent and effective internal audit function are many and include the following;

  • reliable financial reporting ,
  • compliance with regulatory framework,
  • developing capacity to manage  risks,
  • value improvement ideas and
  • Stakeholder confidence.

We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts to advise you on matters relating to internal control and governance with the aim of enhancing your organization’s risk management and governance processes. The team has the capacity to render services in the following areas;


Developing internal strategy
Delivering internal audit review
Developing internal audit charter
Benchmarking against current best practices
Management of your internal function
Specialized skills in areas of IT
Internal audit capacity building
Value for money audits
Compliance review
Reviewing the effectiveness of internal audit
Assurance services on the internal audit
Assessing value for money