Public and private sector organisations are often involving in the design and implementation of projects aimed at achieving given goals.  The achievement of goals/ results will very much depend on how the project conceived, designed, implemented and controlled.  A typical project goes through the following phases from the start to finish;

  • Project conception and initiation
  • Project definition and planning
  • Project execution
  • Project control
  • Project close

The success of the project very much depends on the above being carried out properly and in accordance with the current best practices.  The above can only be   achieved if the organisation   an independent monitoring and evaluation (M&E) function. The goal of M&E function in the project life cycle is to enhance the improvement of both the output and the impact of current and future projects. For M&E results to be credible and objective there is a need for the process to be conducted by an experienced   and independent M&E team. The independent team will be in position to deploy a systematic and objective approach to examination of activities with emphasis on their relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact in the light of defined objectives.  The team will also be in position to carry the monitoring or    oversight activity involving continuous assessment and feedback to stakeholders on the progress or delay of the planned activities. The purpose of M&E is to  provide  recommendations which will enhance  the output and impact of  current and future projects and also  to determine whether all activities are going on according to the approved  plan  to enable corrective action to be taken in case of either activities being  behind schedule or discovery of  deficiencies .


We have developed a multidisciplinary team to help project implementers both in the public and private sectors in evaluating the performance and impact of their projects.  Within the team we have experts in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects. The services we offer include the following among others;

  • M&E capacity building
  • Monitoring and evaluations
  • Needs assessments
  • Project development
  • Fund management