Intellectual property (IP) risk management is the process of  protecting  an organization’s non physical assets like innovation, copy rights, product designs, patents, goodwill,  trademarks, trade secrets and contract rights among others. In today’s knowledge-based economy, IPs have economic and strategic importance just like tangible assets such as real estate and product inventory. The IPs are however a challenge to  protect when compared to fixed assets because of their non-physical nature.  In addition many organizations do not have a complete inventory of IPs.
The IP risk management  is therefore a  process which enables the  organization to identify threats to its IP and also develop strategies to mitigate against the risk.There will  however be a need to keep an up to date inventory of  all IPs if IPs have  to be captured by the risk management processes.Our risk  specialists team is  available to advice you during the process of developing  an IP risk management strategy.