You have to make your own cross (mission) and carry it alone to your final destination where you will obtain sustainable satisfaction.   Deciding to succeed in life is not easy.  You will meet many challenges but with your determination you will carry your mission through to success irrespective of the challenges on the way. Remember success is a reward for overcoming challenges. The bigger the challenges, the bigger the reward.

No one will carry your cross for you

You are expected to create your world and the road to take you to your world. No one knows your world except yourself. Therefore do not expect anyone to carry your cross to world as they do not know the way. Other people can assist you in carrying if show them how to carry it. You have to make and carry to your destination.  You can only therefore succeed in life if you learn to carry own cross to the final destination.



Do not drop your cross along the way

Starting is often very easy but the journey becomes a nightmare because of the challenges along the way. You must have the determination to carry your cross through despite the many challenges on the way.   You have to appreciate that the more you overcome   challenges the more successful you become.


You have the liberty to revise your plan of carrying your cross

The terrain will change as move in your journey of life. Your journey is a cast in stone as you have to make it but the plan to take you to your final destination can change along the way.  Do not be afraid of changing your plan after all it is you who made it.


You are not competing with any one in carrying your cross

You are not in any competition with anyone in carrying cross.  You are carrying your cross on the route you have designed for yourself. You cannot carry your cross using other people’s routes. You have to make your own make cross and route through you will move



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited







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