Wisdom is your ability or capacity to think and act using the knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight in order to come up with optimal course of action which will give you correct outcome. Wisdom is a critical asset which you require to succeed in life. It helps you in programming your mind to a positive mode. The following article summaries some of the tips you need to apply in order to accumulate wisdom;

Do not entertain nonsense

Do not occupy your mind with words or approaches or reasoning which do not make any sense. Simply walk away if you cannot contribute sensibly on the subject matter. Avoid preoccupying your mind with nonsense as nonsense does not add any value to you. Nonsense subtracts value from you.


You have to think different

If you have to solve a problem you must be prepared to think differently and outside the box. You have no obligation to follow the majority approach if it does not make sense to you. You have to be both innovative and creative in order to solve a problem.


Wisdom can be enhanced

Our daily successes we achieve and the challenges we encounter and overcome teach us a lot of life lessons which cumulatively enhance our wisdom. We also enhance our wisdom through listening to life lessons of other people around us. Therefore we enhance our wisdom through acquiring experience or coming into contact with and listening to wise people.


Create your own path

Some people follow paths created by other people and in so doing they help others to achieve their missions. To succeed in life you have to create your own mission and path which will guide you in your journey of life. Copy and paste of other peoples’ missions and paths will not take you anywhere. You have to create your own mission and path in order to succeed in life.


Keep your mouth closed unless you have something to say

Many people want to be heard or seen talking in public whether they are talking sense or not. They make fools of themselves when they talk for the sake of talking. Open your mouth only when you have useful contribution to make on the subject matter.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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