Wisdom cannot be got from high institutions of learning. Wisdom is not an honour given to someone. Wisdom is an experience you acquire as you walk along in your life journey.  In your life journey you celebrate many successes and you will overcome many challenges and the total sum of all the successes and challenges is what contributes to your wisdom. Wisdom is therefore the lessons you learn as you walk in your life journey. These lessons help you   in developing a positive approach to life.

Success and Wisdom

To succeed in life you must have a high level of wisdom. People with high level of wisdom have a positive mindset which is necessary for one to succeed in life. You cannot therefore succeed in life unless you have accumulated a lot of wisdom over time. Wisdom helps you in making better decisions in life.


Fear and wisdom do not go together

To access wisdom you must focus on it but you cannot focus on it if your mind is full of fear. You must have the high level of confidence and freedom for wisdom to come your way. Therefore for wisdom to flow your way, you must have a positive mindset.



Share your wisdom with others


Wisdom is a gift you get through lessons learnt as a result of your successes and failures in life. The lessons learnt guide you whenever you are faced with successes and failures in life. You have to share your wisdom with others in order to leave this world better than you found it.


Always get advice from people affected by the challenge

In real life people who are affected by the challenges should be the ones to be approached for advice as they have a better understanding of issues surrounding the challenges. They also have a clear understanding of what will happen as a result of addressing the challenges.



John  Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited




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