Many people are quite hesitant to make an investment now for a better future. I have  always taken some time to ask my friends and people I meet why they are not investing for a better future.  I have always received interesting responses which I have summarised as follows;

  • I have no money to invest
  • I am not  meant for business
  • I do not have right qualifications to invest
  • I need the children  to  finish school before going into investing
  • I need some working experience before venturing into business
  • There are no safe investment opportunities
  • I do not  have capital
  • I need  an MBA before I venture into business
  • I do not have time
  • The business world is too corrupt

The above responses for sure are excuses for not doing the right thing. If you want a better future you have to start investing now and not tomorrow.  What matters is the first step towards success and the rest of the steps will be automatically achieved. Once you are in motion it does require too much effort to move on.

You cannot become rich if you have a poor mindset

What matters in life is your mindset. Is your mind programmed for success or failure in life?  You must have a success mindset in order to succeed in life. You need a positive approach to life in order to identify the opportunities in the mirror of challenges. However much you try to succeed you will not achieve success until your mind is programmed in a success mode.


Do not aim at a huge leap

I am sure we love a huge leap in our life. In our daily prayers we expect the Master of the Universe to immediately give us all what we have asked for.  You expect to become a millionaire over night out of the small investment little you have done. Success does come in one leap. For example to achieve academic excellence the journey starts in a nursery school through primary and secondary schools until you reach the university where you obtain your academic qualifications. To get your first degree it takes about 18 years. Success is however achieved at each level of education until you achieve academic excellence at university level. It is not possible to go to university without first going through primary and secondary schools.


Do not worry about your slow speed

It is not your speed which matters but making the first step and the determination to walk to the finishing line. Success in life is not about competing with others but finishing your personal race in accordance with your plan.  You will always reach your destination provided you do not stop and abandon your journey on the way.


You do not need the approval or other people’s opinion to succeed in life

Success in life is a personal choice and you do not need the approval or opinion of anyone on your determination to succeed in life. The negative opinion of other people should not in any way distract you from your mission to succeed in life.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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