The forest is a place of mystery. Many plants and animals live and thrive in forests. They survive by interdependence. The forest is always beaming with life and all plants , animals, insects and birds depend on each other in order to survive. For example monkeys depend on plants for their survival and the plants get manure from the droppings of monkeys  and their corpses when they die.


Success is about interdependence. No one can succeed in isolation. We achieve our highest goals or dreams by working with others. By doing so, you will find people who are strong in your weak areas. Working together with such people guarantees you sustainable  success.



As a tree grows, there are winds to persist, long droughts to endure and lots of other challenges. Trees go through all the rough times to come out strong. Success depends on your strength to persist even in the face of failure.  You must be ready to go the extra mile.


With interdependence and persistence, your success is sure. Remember to identify the right people to include in your interdependent team.

Author; Julia Kushemererwa



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