Every once in a while you will find yourself talking to a group or crowd of people. Public speaking is important because the presenter is able to talk to a big number of people on a subject of interest to the audience and during or at the end of the presentation get  feedback on the presentation.


It is important to know that you are the best to the audience since they have invited you to talk to them. You only have always to know that the audience has needs and expectations which you have to meet.

Tips for effective public speaking.


 Engage the audience

Your intention is to get the audience to see what you see. Engage the audience by asking open ended questions or rhetoric questions. It keeps them active and attentive.



Take time to prepare before showing up before an audience to apologize that you are not ready. For impromptu speeches, always keep calm and give your best depending on the occasion.



They say practice makes perfect. Yes it does. Practice your speech so that you can get comfortable with it to deliver it well.


In conclusion

Even the best started out badly but they kept improving. You too can become a better public speaker.




Kushemererwa Julia


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