Believe me due to nature demands you will in one way or the other be forced to go to shared public wash rooms to obey a call of nature. You will find public wash rooms in  hotels, office and business premises. Most major towns and cities provide convenience places for people.

You have to be careful as shared wash rooms pose a lot of health risk to you.  You can easily pick disease causing germs from the various places in the wash room. You have therefore to wash your hands after using the wash rooms. It is possible to pick disease from the walls, the flushing handle on the toilet, the water faucet handle on the sink, the door knob when entering or exiting the restroom.

What you should do after using a rest room

  • Avoid touching the various surface areas in the toilet
  • Flash the toilet after use
  • Wash your hands with water and soap after using the wash room
  • Wipe your hand with clean materials or drier

How to use the washroom rooms

  • Adhere to  good toilet etiquette
  • Use toilet paper to wipe off the seat or use a seat cover if one is available.
  •  Do not step on the toilet sit with your legs


  • Dry your hands using hand-drying paper or hand drier
  • Be careful when you touch the door knobs of the wash room doors
  • Avoid toilets that have dirty or wet surfaces.
  • Dispose of sanitary wear after wrapping in toilet paper appropriately in the trash bucket.
  • It is advisable to carry with you a hand sanitizer to clean your hands.



Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki



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