Almighty Father we praise you and adore you

You are the source of everything

We thank you for the blessings, challenges and the lessons learnt

We thank you for your unconditional love

We humbly pray that you give us generous hearts

Which are not either proud or boastful

Which will use the gifts wisely to succeed in life

Lord we pray to use the gifts to live the world a better place for the glory of your name

Guide us to use the gifts to do your will

Guide us to acknowledge you as the giver of all good gifts;

Teach us to give without counting the cost;

Teach us to share without expecting something in return;

Enable us to hold all of our treasures and values with open hands;

Enable us Lord to recognize the abundance of blessings in each passing day;

To know the freedom that comes with true generosity;

To accept our talents, whether many or few, and to use them in service of others;

To grow in giving thanks for everything;

To be happy with having what we need and wise enough to know what it is that we want and do not need;

To fall more deeply in love with You Lord of all generosity so that our hearts are strong enough to give away freely whatever is asked.

As we are going to rest tonight, take full control of our lives and speak to us. In your name we pray. Amen

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