Lord thank you for a wonderful day

Thank you Lord for the life in me

Thank   you for giving me more time to glorify your name

Thank you for allowing me to complete my mission

My mission is to leave this world better than I found it

Lord I pray you give me more resources to accomplish my mission

Lord at the same time shower me with your wisdom to guide me

Wisdom to enable me use the resources I have more effectively

Lord I thank you for the resources   I used   yesterday

Let my effort produce wonderful results

You allowed the skies to release the rain to make our crops grow

You allowed the sun to make us warm

You also allowed the snow to fall

Thank you Lord for the wonderful balance of resources

Thank for the free food you gave yesterday

We were able to harvest from your garden

Thank you Lord for my successes and challenges

I have learnt my lesson for the day

Lord I pray you protect me throughout the night

Lord   wake me up to continue with the plan you have for me

Lord  open my mind to listen to your messages through the dreams

Lord I commit my life to you. Amen



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