Lord thank you for the gift of smell

Lord without   it I would have missed out a lot of things

With gift of smell I can do many things

I can avoid danger

I can be attracted to the desired location

It reminds me when I am in a dirty environment

I can tell the quality of products and it enhances my overall quality standards

I can use to differentiate the scent from different flowers of plants

I can use it in selecting   creams, perfumes and other products

I can tell between good and bad products

I can use it to improve the quality of goods and service.

I can use it to differentiate between different products and people

I am sincerely sorry Lord as smell has taken me close to sin

It has taken me closer to places of sin

Lord thank you for the gift of smell

Lord I pray to use the gift to bring me closer to you

I pray to use the smell gift for your glory. Amen




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