This is the right moment to remember and thank you, Master of the Universe, for the challenges and accomplishments, for the gift of life and for the abundant blessings. I thank you for blessings which have made me  reach this far.

Dear Master of Universe I humbly come before you this evening with a long list of shortcomings. I know you have been and you will always be merciful to me whenever I come to you. Once again have mercy on me and allow me to continue with my journey of life

With a heart full of praise and worship, I acknowledge you are powerful, worthy of praise, source of grace and love. I thank you because you are dependable all the time despite my short comings

You have blessed me and I continue to pray that you take me to higher levels tonight for the glory of your name.

I am about to go to sleep, I call upon your protection throughout the night and to wake up in a new day.

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