Dream big to achieve big

Dreams become true if they are implemented. The value of the goals you achieve will depend on the size of the initial dream. The bigger the dreams, the bigger the goals you will achieve.


Program your mind to dream success

What you put in mind becomes a reality. Develop a habit of success dreaming and you will become successful.


Do not stop at dreaming

Many wonderful dreams    never reach the implementation phase as they are forgotten at dream level. No record is kept of these dreams   for future reference.  To succeed in life one has to paint his or her world using his or her powerful dreams.   Dreaming is just   the starting of the success journey and not the end.


Excuses for not implementing your dream is a choice to fail

People have over years given a number of excuses including the following for not succeeding in life;

  • I come from poor family I can there not get capital to start
  • My education background is poor and success is  for the elite
  • I did not inherit anything from parents. How then can I become successful.
  • I do not have  capital to start
  • My wife or family will not approve
  • I do not know how to start
  • I fear to become  rich
  • I fell asleep when I think of business
  • I do not have the time to succeed in life

You may buy time with excuses but remember at the end of time you have to give an account to your creator of your successes on earth.

Your creator will not listen to the excuses for not making a contribution towards leaving this world better than you found it.


Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,



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