Lord Almighty Father I come in your presence with a weary heart

I   am having a lot of challenges in my life

My mind has been hijacked by fear

I see myself confused because I don’t know where the next day will lead me

All my plans have failed and I feel Lord I don’t believe in myself anymore

Father of the weak come to my rescue today

Help me to persist with my purpose and mission on earth

Guide me Lord and show me your way

Today Lord come into my life I pray

Come and take control of everything

Father I pray that you shower me with wisdom so that I can be able to overcome my challenges

Open up my mind to see opportunities where there are challenges

Let me lean on you alone

Lord I put my trust in you and surrender all to you.

Father give me self confidence, so that I can be able to believe in myself

Give me the stamina and determination to carry on

Walk along with me on my journey of life and guide me to make wise decisions which will enable me to succeed

Use me to do your will, for the glory of your holy name. Amen

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