Lord we thank you for our today’s life journey towards the world of success despite the many challenges which we have encountered. We have failed to overcome many of the challenges because we have failed to think outside the box. We pray that you may give us the wisdom to think differently and from a new angle. The wisdom will give us the courage and determination to overcome the following self imposed impediments in our lives;

• Thinking today is like yesterday
• Using copy and paste approach
• Applying the models of our ancestors to current life challenges
• Waiting for approval to act
• Waiting for others to start
• Giving excuses from not starting
Our success in life will depend on programming our mind to have the following;
• Innovative ability
• Yes I can
• 100% Responsibility for success
• Hard work
• Belief in ability to succeed
• Master plan
• Stamina and determination

Lord as we end the day we pray that you shower us with your wisdom to burn the boxes around us which prevent us from succeeding in life in accordance with your will.


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