Travelling within your country and beyond is a good investment which offers good returns. Through travelling you can see, smell, touch, feel and hear a lot for your benefit.  New ideas always come to your head and you also discover a lot of new information.  You come to know the needs of people   from different backgrounds and you also come to know the several sources of information and supplies of material which meet the needs of potential needs of people. There is a lot of information provided by your life experience as you travel around the world which is very important in your journey to success. Information from the market gives you a competitive advantage which is necessary for your success.


To succeed in life you have to build a network of friends with the potential of adding value to you. Through travelling you have an opportunity of building a network of friends from different backgrounds and countries which is itself quite enriching. It is very easy to get anything you want in life if you know the people to contact. Your friends are always available to celebrate your success with you and they are also available to give support in overcoming challenges.


You cannot remain the same when you are travelling

Travelling gives you a lot of new knowledge and information about life. You therefore become more knowledgeable in lessons of life. It helps to fight the ignorance within yourself and you become a more knowledgeable person.  I came to know more about tourism and the infrastructure supporting tourism through travelling.


Travelling exposes you to challenges

Many people do not travel have no ideas about the world and the challenges one faces when travelling. If you do not travel you are very ignorant about the world and what the world is offering you to succeed in life. I came to learn what the world has to offer through travelling. You cannot succeed in life if you  avoid challenges in life. Challenges should not be avoided but should be overcome



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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