Lord we are grateful for the wonderful night and a new day for Africa walking to freedom. Mother Africa has failed as it has given birth to children whose mind has been enslaved with negative mindset.

The children have overtime been programmed to believe they can’t develop Africa because;

  • They do not have capital
  • They do not have the capacity
  • They do not know the development model
  • They do not know where to start
  • They are poor
  • Their former colonial masters do not wish them to develop

What a defensive and baseless story! Africa can develop if Africans change the wrong programs in their mindset and replace them with the right programs of;

  • We can do it
  • It is possible
  • Yes we can
  • We are 100% responsible for Africa

We need positive affirmation to develop Africa and  the children of Africa will walk to freedom and enter the world of sustainable development.

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