Our Lord we thank for your unconditional love

Thank you for accepting in your fold

It is wonderful to be   our Father

We thank you for every thing

You provide us with all our needs

You are our comforter

You are our healer

You are our coach

You are our protector

You don’t   discriminate anyone

You give us your abundant blessings

You lead us into righteousness

In you we find hope, peace, joy and love

You have made for us day to work and night to rest

You determine our entire destiny

You lead us in our journey of life

As we rest   be in full control of our lives

What a great blessing, to be loved by you

You are worthy of praise Lord

We adore you and glorify your name

For all that you have done and you plan to do in our lives

May your name be exalted high now and forever. Amen






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