You should regularly take time off to ask yourself how you want to be remembered in the world once you are gone to your final resting place. What do you wish people to say about you when you are gone forever?


Do you want to be remembered as somebody who was terrible in life or someone who had a positive approach to life?

Do you wish people to celebrate your life because of your good deeds or to celebrate your death because of your bad deeds?

As you go through life you affect a lot of people and the way you respond to people affects their view of you. How do you want your family, friends, and the world to see you as a person?  Do you want to be seen as a good citizen or as a selfish individual? And what are the things you are going to do to make it so?

Everyone wishes to leave his or her footprints in the world such as being the fastest man alive or the first person to set foot on the moon.

Stop postponing things with a view of doing them at a later stage, act now as you are not sure whether you will reach tomorrow. Whatever you want to do, do it now.  Balance each day as if it is your last day on earth.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?  Is it number of children, hardworking, physical and academic accomplishments and wealth among other things?

Make a personal eulogy that you would wish people to read on your last day as they celebrate your life and start living accordingly.

This is what Jamie Massarelli says,



It does not matter about your age, death is unavoidable. We have to be prepared and live meaningful lives, we should at all times be in good terms with your neighbours and above all God, reconcile yourself  with your creator as many times as you can as you don’t know the hour of your departure.





Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki

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