Yes it is true that many women fear growing old.  And what do they fear?  They fear everything including the following among others;

  • Grey hair
  • Being called grand ma
  • Not been able to wear  latest fashions
  • Missing junk food
  • Losing their hair
  • Getting wrinkles
  • Becoming fat
  • Abandoned by spouse
  • Dying young
  • Making wrong choices
  • Dependent on others
  • Bad health
  • Loss of memory

The above partly explains why majority of women do not want to disclose their age. They do not want people to know that they are growing old. Obviously in the above state our sisters have forgotten the following law of attraction;


Fear is your enemy number one

Fear prevents you from dreaming big and implementing your dreams in order to achieve your mission for your existence.  It keeps you locked up   and   prevents you from unlocking   yourself to think and plan in the right way.


Women’s desire

The women desires are quite many and the following are among the key ones;

  • Remaining young,
  • Eating well,
  • Remaining beautiful
  • Enjoying the latest  hair styles ,

The desire of remaining young and beautiful has created a lot of business opportunities for cosmetic industries through production of anti- aging cosmetic among others.


Do  not fear to grow old instead count your blessings. It is all about having a positive mindset, count it as a blessing to grow old. Remember when you are old you are and will always be accorded due respect for it.  Always remember so many things in you which never grow including love, happiness and kindness. Share these with others and forget your age. After all your age is just a number!


Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,

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