winning presentations

Making a presentation is not just about standing or sitting in front of a board or audience and speaking. It is about making a presentation which will receive positive response from the board or audience. You have to present to win the audience to your side of thinking or doing things. For example if you table a proposal before the board, your presentation must convince the board to approve it. Winning presentations therefore require clear understanding of needs of the customer or audience and making a presentation to more than meet those needs.

You have to be determined to win. You can always win if make up your mind to win. Therefore winning starts with your mind followed by action. Your appearance, the tools you use, the way you talk, the team spirit, your knowledge of sector and your experience all play a key role in presenting a winning proposal.

Understanding how to prepare and deliver your message in the most effective way is a key to a successful presentation. We have put together a multi-disciplinary team of experts that will help you become a winning presenter. The contents of the winning presentation program are as follows;

  • Background information
  • Management of fear of presentation
  • Dressing to win
  • Aspects that make you win
  • Managing expectations
  • Power in your communication
  • The importance of the presenter
  • How you enhance your chances
  • What can go wrong with your presentation?
  • Effective presentation tools
  • Structuring a winning presentation?
  • The application of the communication model
  • Practical tips

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary and highly experienced team with the capacity to facilitate the above program . For further information on the above and other programs, please feel free to contact us