Success in life depends on the following issues among others;

  • Positive approach to life situation
  • Innovative ability
  • Hard work
  • Goal setting
  • Sacrifice  and commitment
  • Ability to use your gifts
  • No fear to fail
  • Smart
  • Business approach to life situations

Belief in success

To succeed in life you have to run your own race. In life you are not be competing with anyone except yourself.  Success is not about being better than others but achieving your own goals.


Do not blame others for your failure in life but yourself.  Whether to succeed or fail in life is a personal choice.


Tips on being responsible for your life

  • Cultivate awareness of your responsibility
  • Learn from life lessons
  • Act in accordance with your life plan
  • Drive away fear
  • Develop positive approach to life

Where you make mistakes admit them and apologize to those you have offended.



Always remember that your success or failure is your personal choice.




Atwijukire Deborah


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