Quite often opportunities arise for you to present your goods and services to a potential customer. You have a choice either to win or lose depending on how you make the presentation. It is possible to make sure you win most of the presentation. You have to understand that a presentation is not just standing or sitting in front of a potential customer and speaking.  You have to present in a way to receive positive response from a customer.  You must plan to win, prepare to win and you must believe in winning. The customer must say ‘Yes I like your goods or services and I will place an order to buy’.

You have to understand the needs or challenges of the audience.

You must know the needs or challenges of the potential customer or the audience before you make a presentations.  You have to understand the background including composition of the potential audience. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the potential audience in order to make a presentation which meets their needs.


Determination to win

You have to be determined to win the presentation in order to get a positive response from the audience. You have to work hard on your proposal including selecting the right presentation tools. It is also advisable to have an idea of the venue of the presentation to enable you select appropriate tools.


You have to believe in order to win

In order to win you must be believe in winning both body and soul .You must be physically, mentally and spiritually determined to win.


Remember the Master of the Universe during your presentation

Remember you are not alone during the presentation. Your team must be around to support you and the invisible Master of the Universe will be energising you to succeed.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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