In life you have the liberty to choose the direction you want to take in life.  You can decide to take either success or failure directions depending on your mindset. Positively minded people take success directions whereas negatively minded people take failure directions. In life therefore you have two choices to choose from either a success route or a failure route.

You have power over your life

Whether you live in heaven or hell on this earth is your personal choice.  You are therefore free to choose to;

  • Be successful or a failure in life
  • Be courageous or coward
  • Live a damaged life
  • Have positive or negative mindset
  • Learn from your own successes or failure
  • Be confident
  • Be happy or miserable

What you focus on determines your choose

To succeed in life you have to focus your mind on positive thoughts as they lead you to your destiny. Mahatma Gandhi explains it much better as follows;


Believe in yourself                                                  

In order to make a right choice you have to believe in yourself to make it.  You have the capacity to analyse factors surrounding your choice. You cannot succeed in life if you adopt and use other people’s choices as your own. It is your own choice which will make you succeed in life.


Stop sitting on the fence

You have to act fast in making a choice.  You cannot succeed in life by sitting on the fence watching others make their choices. You have to make your own choice and move forward.


You require determination

You need the determination to succeed in life when you are making your choice. Making a choice is a tough decision requiring someone with experience.



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